From computing hardware to open-source software

It began with cameras

My interest in computing started when I began repairing digital cameras for my business. The variety of goods I refurbished developed as I got hold of more computing equipment and developed my own e-commerce store.

Online retail of electronics is very competitive, I had developed my online webstore with integrated stock control and sales synced through the Amazon and Ebay outlets. The company slowly diversified into a technology company, helping small and medium enterprises grow.

Hello Open Source!

Not happy with the fact that I had to pay Microsoft for Office software for my small business on a shoe string budget. Then I had to pay another company to protect me from all the viruses for the products I just bought! So I came across Open Office, and it was completely free. Having tried numerous other 'free office' suites, I was prepared for disappointment. Instead it ran like a dream, in many ways better than the new versions of Microsoft Office. Now I use Libre Office and recommend it to all individuals, small and medium businesses as a perfect replacement for Microsoft Office

From these early beginnings I learnt about open-source and found open-source alternatives to the whole Microsoft operating system, I now use Linux based operating systems for all my computer systems. I no longer have to pay for anti-virus as Windows viruses can't infect Linux software.

I now use open-source software to power my whole enterprise, from HTML5 and Wordpress for my websites, to cloud based applications like Piwik for website tracking and marketing analysis. The very website and web systems that power the majority of the internet are open-source and I have been learning about as much as I can and implementing it through my company.

From Bitcoin cryptocurrency and encryption to website design and server management, I can deploy comprehensive information systems. Have a look at my Bitcoin micro remittance service.