I still love the analogue arts!


Monochrome film is a great medium for exploring visual perception. My favourite films are Fujifilm Across 100 and Ilford HP5+.

Two colour enlargers and a small JBL Autolab for processing bulk films. I have my own chemical recipes that I prepare from scratch for processing my film and paper.


Slide film is a favourite of mine the qualities it produces are captivating. I also enjoy using colour negative.

Both types of colour film are developed at home with my Autolab with Tetenal Chemicals.


Digital photography is great for editable results. A lot can be done with digital images that is time consuming or impossible with analogue.

Here, again open source is great for photography. A great Photoshop alternative is GIMP (GNU Image Manipulating Programme), again being open-source it is free to download and use.


A selection of my work is available on my Flickr account. The page is also accessible from the Flickr icon in the footer below (second from left).