Aquaria can be a source of inspiration, excitement and relaxation - all at the same time.


The colours of Tropical fish, glinting silvery colours, captivating as multicoloured tinsel snow floating in suspended animation.


There is a sense of adventure that I remember diving off the back of a small yacht in a backwater tributary of Rio Tigre somewhere in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. You can go from the eclectic Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau city jungle and get lost in the humid dense forest of the rivers and tributaries of Tigre in a short, quiet cruise.

Sinking into the water I became aware of the milk chocolate colours that welled up, sucking me into its eerily quite depths. I felt a soft something glide over my foot, I leaped out of there like a Splashing Tetra. I was around twelve that time, watching the silvery blue flashes as I threw morsels into the water, I was captivated by the mystery of what lay beneath the deep.

Since then I have kept aquarium fish and become very experienced. I had become the person who ends up adopting everyone else’s fish, as they either became too big, hard to keep or too much maintenance.

African Sun

With goggles and a snorkel, I got good at holding my breath for prolonged periods of time, staring at wonderful colours and lifeforms in the rock pools in the edges of the Southern African Ocean.

From then I had always wanted to capture a part of that beauty. Finally after many years I have started my own reef aquarium,