Serial tinkerer, always looking for something interesting.

Fosforos Ltd is closing

I have started a few small operations. From running a small online refurbished electronics store to a small IT business.

A great little business that has allowed me to tinker with all sorts of opportunities and learn a lot about new opportunities. Unfortunately there comes a time to move on. The business is being closed, being unable to generate healthy profits.

Forex Trading

Can you imagine an ideal business, working from home, hours that fit around your personal life? Not relying on a boss or the economy for support. Well, Forex trading offers that, but it's highly risky.
I decided to investigate this to see if I could make it work for me. This has become a new focus. Follow my progress on my blog.

Reef Roks

I've just started up Reef Roks. I had been thinking about starting this for some time. It is a synthetic live rock replacement for marine aquatic aquaria. I believe there is a market for this and it will help to protect reefs from further exploitation (starting small, one rock at a time). Check out ReefRoks.co.uk