Picture of Xenia Pulsing Coral in my reef tank


Since the age of twelve, I have been an aquarist. Fresh water aquaria have been my favourite and I long for the day I have space for a proper tank! In the meantime I have started a small marine aquarium.

abstract photo of plue lights in dark background, like a planet far, far away


Photography is a great way to relax and allow creativity to flow. Analogue film photography has been a passion of mine. There is something about the look of the finished product and the mystery of the process.

Fosforos Ltd Logo

Fosforos Ltd

Always the Entrepreneur, Fosforos Ltd was created to play host to business opportunities. It had evolved into a budding IT business. I have now closed it to concentrate on my new venture.

a glowing blue asus axe square PC cooling fan


From a deep interest in science and technology, I became occupied by technology. One of my first business ventures was the refurbishment of Consumer electronics, such as digital cameras and computers. I even ran a small money remittance and trading service from the UK to the Philippines.

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